Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lahore Metro Bus Service Route Map

The route of the Lahore bus transit system is as follows:

1. Gajjumata Terminal
2. Dulu Khurd Bus Stop
3. Youhanabad Bus Stop
4. Nishtar Colony Bus Stop
5. Atari Saroba Bus Stop
6. Kamahan Bus Stop
7. Chungi Amar Sidhu Bus Stop
8. Qainchi Chowk Bus Stop (8A on map)
9. Ghazi Chowk Bus Stop (there is some confusion regarding this stop because there are two bus stops of the same name in the city and as you can see, the one labeled as 8B on the map (near DHA Phase-I one) seems to go way off-route and so it is neglected. Ghazi Bus Chowk is effectively number 9 and 8B is just there to show you that where the second bus stop of the same name exists.)
10. Ittefaq Hospital Bus Stop
11. Naseerabad Bus Stop
12. Model Town Bus Stop
13. Kalma Chowk Bus Stop
14. Qaddafi Stadium Bus Stop
15. Canal Road Bus Stop
16. Ichara Bus Stop
17. Shama Road Bus Stop
18. Qartaba Chowk Bus Stop (Also known as Muzung Chungi Adda)
19. Janazgah Bus Stop
20. MAO College Bus Stop
21. Civil Secretariat Bus Stop
22. Kachery Bus Stop
23. Bhatti Chowk Bus Stop
24. Azadi Chowk Bus Stop
25. Timber Market Bus Stop
26. Niazi Chowk Bus Stop
27. Shahdara Terminal


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