Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game In Focus (FIFA 2011)

Loving the FIFA Franchise? Then think again before buying this one...

Difficulty: Hard (Adjustable)
Learning Curve: 5-10 minutes.
Time Spent: 10-20 Hours
The Bottom Line: "Mixed Reactions"
Graphics: ***
Music: *****
Gameplay: ***
Replay Value: 95% (55% for Career Mode)
Developer: EA
Release: September, 2010

I really had a lot of expectations with FIFA '11 after playing FIFA '10 up till the day '11 broke into the market, and was one of the first to try it among my friends and consequently the most disappointed.

The developers have taken a very disastrous route. In a bid to make the game feel at par with realism, they have integrated some pretty useless and pathetic stuff.

Messi can be overcome by a brawny, unheard of defender and so can Kaka, skill takes the back seat in this installment, you gotta have body power to survive on the field, a thing that I think EA should reserve for their American Football line.

Every unknown club in the world has a superman deployed instead of a regulation keeper, saving the most unstoppable of shots, it really feels like you are shooting at a wall instead of a goal. And if this wasn't enough, the guys at EA's Soccer Sim department have tried their utmost to make our opposition's defense impregnable and ours, totally pervious, your CPU controlled defenders will behave like total noobs, no matter what the back of their shirt says.

Despite all the glitches and mediocre things '11 ships with, there are some appreciable alterations too. The menu has been revamped to good effect. The graphics are quite good but still not good enough as the crowds are still those sickening cardboard cutouts! and the Career Mode is quite playable.

I will really not recommend this game if you had been addicted to the FIFA series, but my recommendation won't matter to you all the same because of the fact that every conventional FIFA gamer gets the newest sequel and plays it for himself, no matter what the reviews say. This is the FIFA tradition...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Game in Focus (Mafia)

You won't rest until it ends...

Rating10 /10
Difficulty: Hard
Learning Curve: 15 minutes.
Time Spent: 10-20 Hours
The Bottom Line: "Highly Addictive"
Graphics: ***1/2
Music: ******
Gameplay: *****
Replay Value: 70%
Developer: Illusion Softworks (Now 2K Czech)
Release: August, 2002

Ever wondered if the word 'masterpiece' could compliment a PC game...if yes then no need to wonder anymore...the manifestation is here...MAFIA...

Perfectly intriguing gameplay and a story line that can warrant box office hit; couple it with music of the highest quality and great environmental detail and you have a cult classic...

Mafia has so many positives that it will take a copious amount of time to list them all, apart from rare flaws in lip-syncing the game is picture perfect. The play area is highly detailed with a variety of gorgeous cars, interactive pedestrians and a good 'ol '30s American city. The breath-taking scenery of the countryside is a sight to behold, I loved driving there and wished every mission took place in that area.

The music of the game is, in my opinion, Oscar winning. The tracks are beautifully composed and capture the essence of the situation flawlessly.

The missions are fun to do and highly addictive, they leave you craving for more due to superb design and an absorbing and twisting story.

The cut scenes are aesthetically pleasing and it feels as if they are straight out of a blockbuster, especially the ending sequence, it gets etched in your memory.

In short it is a game that is not to be missed if you have any links with PC gaming, or for that matter 3rd Person Shooters and I promise that you won't be disappointed...and remember....Mafia II can wait but the original Mafia, coupled with the Max Payne series, is a game that covers the whole spectrum of a third person action game...