Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game in Focus (Mafia II)

First things first, in my new section Game in Focus, i'll be posting condensed reviews of hot games...
Note: The pattern is type.
A game that took a long time coming but was never really worth the wait...
Rating7.5 /10
Difficulty: Easy
Learning Curve: 15 minutes.
Time Spent: 10-20 Hours
The Bottom Line: "Don't Believe the Hype"
Graphics: ****
Music: **
Gameplay: ***
Replay Value: 10%
Developer: 2K Czech
Release: August, 2010

The prospect of having a Mafia sequel, when I first heard the news, was drowning me out with utter bliss. I was in love (and still am) with the original Mafia and getting a second bite of it with 'considerable' improvements was heartening even to think of.

But when the game came out and I tried it, with heart beating at full pace, I was disappointed to say the least in fact disenchanted is the correct word. The game never really assimilated the essence of the original Mafia, the soundtrack is a let-down and so is the level design, not to mention the intricate story that has an unbridgeable chasm between itself and clear understanding.

The only positive thing about the game are the graphics. The texturing is vastly improved but still can be a bit substandard at places. The utilization of Phsx is also worth-mentioning making the game feels a lot more closer to life and believable...

The spineless missions are a few making the game short (thankfully) and the characters are also it with the original Mafia...I bet (if you have played the org. one that is) that you still have the faces of Paulie and likes etched in your memory much to further pain.

I'd still recommend that you give it a try, just to respect the 9 years that the developers have put into god knows what...

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