Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game in Focus (Family Feud 2010)

Good but not good enough...

Difficulty: Easy
Learning Curve: 5 minutes.
Time Spent: 3-4 Hours
The Bottom Line: "..."
Graphics: *
Music: *
Gameplay: ***
Replay Value: 20%
Developer: Ludia Inc
Release: September, 2009

Just a time pass game you would like to switch to for around 15 to 20 minutes in the hours when you have nothing left to do.

To be precise it is not really a game that you would not rest until you have finished or end it in one go; it is highly monotonous for that, same recycled character models and music and you will have enough of it after a level or two despite the work developers have put in to make it appealing (i.e unlockable content and challenging families as you move up the ladder, not to mention the alterations you can make to your character).

Although you might like it if you are a fan of the tv show...because visually it is the best of the series.

The surveys are the strongest of its dimensions (it had to be :P), they can be funny and challenging at the same time; not to mention enlightening!

I'd say avoid if you are looking for some solid fun...but still if you have got a few bucks to spare then go for it all the same...

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