Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Ramblings] The Tree

There is a tree, right in front of the window of my bedroom. To many its just another average tree but to me its much more than that. It is tall and its incredibly slender, khaki branches are laden with beautiful, jadeite leaves. Such frailty of its boughs allows it to sway in the lightest of breezes. During windy days, its leaves rustle with a rhythm that is uncannily similar to that of a beating heart. It is as if it has suddenly awoken from its sedate, statuesque slumber and adopted a life of its own - a life that is brimming with the need of announcing its spirit, its vitality to the outside world.

The tree seems even livelier when the moon is in its full splendor; rays of moonlight seep through its gloomy fa├žade, giving it an otherworldly ambiance. It glows bright and as it focuses the light through the mesh of my window and into my room, I feel as if I have a companion in a dreary and desolate night. I cherish this. I cherish this tree's companionship. I know a more personalized name is long overdue but I don’t want it to be like some ordinary pet, I want it to remain an extraordinary tree.

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