Monday, April 05, 2010

Relegated'z Rankings [Music]

These are this weeks ranking of mine, for English songs that is...
  1. More from Usher's new album Raymond vs. Raymond is arguably the best track on the CD. It is very well produced and catchy and will continue to rock the clubs for more than just weeks. No wonder Usher's management decided to make it an Itunes bonus track only. 9/10 from my side.
  2. Break Your Heart is a single offering from Taio Cruz with a nice little featuring from Ludacris. Listened to it a few days back on City FM89 and got addicted to it. Awesome beat and lyrics, do give it a try. 8/10 is my rating for this track.
  3. Carry Out is a track from one-in-a-million producer Timbaland's followup to the tremendously successful Shock Value with Shock Value II. Couple an always great performance of Timbaland with this number's groovy beats and bass and you get a track worth listening. Moreover the clever play of words in the lyrics make it a joy to listen. 8/10 is what I would like to give it.
  4. Hey, Soul Sister is a new single by the rock band Train. The band are known for creating soulful number which are not over-produced and keep the essence of the track alive, well Hey, Soul Sister is a prime example of their beliefs of leaving the audience to judge the track and understand its musical meaning rather than pepper them with loops and grooves that are not required by the lyrics. 7.5 outta 10 for this track.
  5. The final track to feature on my this week's top 5 list is, from Rihanna's Rated R, Rude Boy. There was tough competition between Jason Darulo's In My Head and Usher's OMG and Rude Boy because these three songs are spending equal amount of time on my 'Hitz' playlist but in the end Rude Boy won over, thanks to some great loopy beat that you can't get enough of. Probably Fireball and Rude Boy  are the only worth listeining tracks on the much disappointing and explicit Rated R. It takes 6.5/10 from me.

Download Links
Break Your Heart 
Carry Out
Hey, Soul Sister 
Rude Boy

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