Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real Great Counter-Strike Tips

Here are some superb counter-strike tips for both newbies and experienced gamers... 1)In the beginning, when you don't have enough money to purchase better weapons, purchase just an armor and ammo for your handgun. This will help you live longer. Note: (Never buy other handguns if you're at risk) It either could be stolen and plus $800 won't give you a little armor after spending it with that. Use your knife as well: it's speedier, and pretty handy. 2) If you're a passive player, likes to surprise enemy and more defensive than offensive: there are unpredictable spots in various maps such as the corner near the tunnel in De Dust or in the corner beside boxes. Crouch when you await for your opponents but study your opponent's gestures: learn from last turn: do they use grenades in this area? Predict the predictable while you become unpredictable at the same time. 3)Next, never underestimate the power of smoke bomb. If there are any enemy snipers, throw a smoke bomb in the area he is covering. This is an obvious tactic, but when you're the sniper, smoke bomb is also wise to use. Throw it in the direction opposite of where you're sniping. The trick here is that your opponents will have their eyes busy on the smoke: (I've fell and done this trap a lot of times before)Their concentration is on the smoke while your concentration is on their heads. Bang! Easy as cakes. And when you use flashback, turnaround quickly so you won't be blinded and turn back and annihilate! 4)Sniping: use the wide-range sniping spots. Be sure to crouch and have handgun ready to switch in case an enemy unleashes a surprise. You don't have to get the best one-shot sniper rifle right away- itz expensive and chances are, it might get stolen (Only get this when you have at least 10,000 or more) Get the white sniper rifle: Thatz lighter and more silent. Your target is the head: you don't want to shoot, and be found right away. Sniping is about waiting... don't move a lot: be patient. Use hostages as your covers too. I advice you not to use snipers when planting the bomb; itz overwhelming with pressures from the enemy territory. 5)Shotguns, combine this with the tactic in #2; jump a lot, and while in the air, aim down. It is important that you have high sensitivity. Although it is hard to master a very high sensitivity, once you get used to it, it's worth it. The higher, the faster you gonna outperform opponents in various scenarios such as multiple mid-range combat. 6) Grenades- Let em' bounce in corners and avoid using it a lot in the beginning. It is very predictable, and chances are, you won't kill your opponent. 7) Jump, crouch, sidestep- simple moves that makes your opponents' fires less accurate. Try moving around your opponent instead of in front of your opponent- encircle them while shooting like the diagram below: (X is your opponent, and the asterisks are your moving spots.

Here is the technique: From C, your initial side-step shooting points are B or D- Move left and right here for the early combat phase, (crouching really helps here too)Remember, if your oppoent is facing or moves at D move to B: and vice-versa. This confuses the opponent in various reasons. My clan uses this strategy a lot. And if you're in A, try to jump over E, and instigate! 8) If you want to use the heavy machine gun- the one that you don't have to reload it for a long time, be sure to have an initial backup; meaning stay behind a teammate while he moves to a pack of enemies: he should have a shotgun or any of those semiautomatic weapons. Let him attack first, then shoot from left to right giving damage to each one of them while your teammate or you finish them off.

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